Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml


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Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml Features:

Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml has several key features that make it a preferred choice for hair coloring and bleaching:

Volume: This oxidant cream is also available in a 1000ml size, providing ample product for various coloring or bleaching sessions.

Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of hair dyes and bleaches, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Application: The creamy consistency of the product allows for smooth and even distribution through the hair, minimizing the risk of uneven color or patchiness.

Hair Protection Formula: Bremod’s formula is formulated to be gentle on the hair, reducing the potential for damage or dryness often associated with coloring processes.

Long-Lasting Results: Helps achieve vibrant and long-lasting hair color that stays true and fade-resistant for an extended period.

Professional and Home Use: Suitable for both professional hairstylists and individuals looking to achieve salon-quality results at home, making it versatile for various users.

Trusted Brand: Bremod is a well-known brand in the hair care industry, known for its commitment to quality and performance.

Overall, Bremod Hair Developer 1000 ml offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for those seeking beautiful and enduring hair color.

Packaging Sizes and volumes:

Bremod Hair Developer Oxidant Cream 

  1. Packaging Sizes:
    • 1000 ml (1 liter) packaging
    • 100 ml packaging
Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 100 ml
Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 100 ml
Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml
Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml

Volume Strengths:

10 volume (3% hydrogen peroxide)

20 volume (6% hydrogen peroxide)

30 volume (9% hydrogen peroxide)

40 volume (12% hydrogen peroxide)

Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml
Bremod Hair Color 100 ml

Why Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml is Important?

Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml is essential for hair coloring because it plays a crucial role in the chemical process that transforms hair color. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Activates Hair Color: Oxidant cream contains hydrogen peroxide, which is responsible for activating the hair dye or bleach. When mixed with hair color or bleach, it helps open the hair cuticle, allowing the color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit or remove color effectively.
  • Controls Color Development: The strength or volume of the oxidant cream (usually measured in percentages) determines how much lift or color change occurs. Different hair color shades and desired outcomes require varying levels of peroxide strength. Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml comes in different volumes to provide the flexibility needed for different color applications.
  • Achieves Desired Results: It allows for customization of hair color results. Whether you want subtle highlights, full coverage, or dramatic color changes, the right choice of oxidant cream can help you achieve your desired look.
  • Ensures Long-Lasting Color: Properly formulated oxidant creams work to stabilize and fix the color within the hair shaft, ensuring that the color remains vibrant and long-lasting. This is essential for maintaining your desired hair color over time.
  • Balances Color Consistency: Bremod Hair Oxidant Cream 1000 ml helps ensure consistent and even color application, preventing patchy or uneven results. This is especially important for professional stylists to maintain high-quality standards.

In summary, oxidant cream is a fundamental component of the hair coloring process, as it facilitates color transformation, controls color development, and ultimately helps individuals achieve their desired hair color while ensuring lasting and consistent results.


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