Dark Ash Blond 6-1


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Unleash your inner elegance with Dark Ash Blond 6-1 Bremod Hair Color. This exquisite shade offers a sophisticated blend of dark ash and blond tones, perfect for those who desire a look that’s both trendy and timeless. Elevate your style and embrace the chic allure of this unique hair color.

Discover the Elegance of Dark Ash Blond 6-1

  • Achieve a distinctive blend of dark ash and blond hues.
  • Experience the beauty of cooler tones for a stylish transformation.
  • Elevate your overall appearance with this elegant and versatile shade.

Enduring Beauty, Timeless Glamour

Dark Ash Blond 6-1 Bremod Hair Color doesn’t just deliver great looks; it ensures enduring beauty. Our specially formulated color is designed to keep your hair vibrant and captivating for weeks to come. Bid farewell to fading colors and say hello to timeless glamour.

  • The fade-resistant formula for long-lasting color brilliance.
  • Enjoy a hair color that remains fresh and radiant over time.
  • Elevate your daily style with hair that exudes elegance.

Effortless Application, Spectacular Results

Don’t worry about complicated hair coloring procedures. With Dark Ash Blond 6-1 Bremod Hair Color, the application is straightforward, and the results are spectacular. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a newcomer to hair coloring, you’ll appreciate the ease of achieving a professional look at home.

  • Simple and convenient at-home application process.
  • Achieve salon-quality results without the salon price.
  • Save time and money while enjoying a stunning transformation.





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