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Unleash your inner daring diva with our Green 0-7 Bremod hair color. It’s not just hair color; it’s a statement of bold and beautiful individuality.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: It exudes a unique charm that sets you apart from the ordinary.
  • Endless Creativity: Whether it’s for a special event or to express your vibrant personality, this shade offers endless possibilities.
  • A Color to Remember: Leave a lasting impression with hair that makes you unforgettable.

Bold and Beautiful Green 0-7:

Experience the vibrant green radiance that Green 0-7 Bremod brings to your hair. Embrace a unique and electrifying look.

  • Intense Color: Our formula delivers a bold and intense green that captures attention and sparks conversations.
  • Healthy Brilliance: This color not only looks striking but also leaves your hair with a healthy, radiant shine.
  • Confidence and Style: With Green 0-7 Bremod, your hair will be the ultimate expression of your confidence and style.

Effortless Transformation

Elevate your style with ease. It is designed for effortless application and minimum maintenance.

  • DIY Delight: Skip the salon and enjoy professional results from the comfort of your home.
  • Long-Lasting Impact: Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups, as this shade boasts a long-lasting formula that keeps you looking fabulous.
  • Time-Saving Beauty: Spend less time on maintenance and more time flaunting your bold and beautiful hair.





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