Light Brown 5-0


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Applying our Bremod hair color is a breeze. Our DIY kits are user-friendly and perfect for both beginners and experienced colorists. Create a professional finish in the comfort of your home.

Light Brown 5-0 Hair Color: Illuminate Your Locks

Introducing Light Brown 5-0 Hair Color, your ticket to radiant and captivating hair. With a range of stunning shades, including the enchanting Dark Brown 3-0 and the warm Medium Brown 4-0, we offer the perfect color to suit your unique style and personality.

Our formulas are designed for enduring beauty. Say farewell to fading color and welcome weeks of dazzling brilliance. The fade-resistant technology in our products ensures your hair maintains its stunning hue, even when faced with the harshest elements.

Select your desired shade with the help of the complete guidance of the Bremod shade card.





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