Medium Gold Copper Blond 7-34


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Radiant Shine and Vibrant Gold

Elevate your style with Medium Gold Copper Blond 7-34, the embodiment of radiant shine and vibrant gold hues. This captivating shade unlocks a world of lustrous beauty, making you the center of attention. Whether you’re a trendsetter or appreciate classic beauty, this shade caters to all tastes. With Medium Gold Copper Blond 7-34, your hair will glisten with a luxurious, golden aura that leaves a lasting impression.

Striking Gold Hues: Medium Gold Copper Blond 7-34

it’s a testament to sunkissed elegance and striking confidence. It enhances natural beauty, imbuing your hair with a warm, coppery glow. This shade adds depth and character to your everyday style, making you stand out with confidence and allure.

Confidence in Every Strand

Medium Gold Copper Blond 7-34 is not just a change of hair color; it’s about embracing confidence in every strand. Your hair is your ultimate accessory, and this shade empowers you to shine, leaving you feeling self-assured in every situation. Step out knowing that your hair reflects your inner beauty, allowing you to express your unique style and charm.

For selecting colors see bremod shade card.





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