Medium Mohagony Red Brown 4-56


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Embrace Rich Mohagany Tones

Immerse yourself in the warmth of Medium Mohagany Red Brown, a captivating blend that brings depth and character to your hair. This shade combines medium mahogany richness with red undertones and a touch of brown, creating a harmonious and versatile color. Embrace the richness of mahogany tones and let your hair tell a story of warmth and sophistication.

Medium Mohagony Red Brown 4-56; From Work to Play, Own Your Look

Whether you’re heading to the office or stepping out for a night on the town, Medium Mohagony Red Brown 4-56 complements every occasion. The versatility of this shade allows you to own your look with confidence. Be the epitome of style, effortlessly transitioning from work to play, and let your hair be the focal point of your versatile beauty.





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